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At VIP Concierge Club, we are privileged to managed our clients’ most precious commodity, their time. We provide luxury lifestyle management and personal concierge services to the busy professionals. Our clients everyone who needs our services. Once, lifestyle managers were a perk for celebrities and professional athletes. But now, families are hiring managers to help them through their busy lives, or at least the boring parts. At VIP Concierge Club, we do not discriminate. We treat every one with respect; each and every, we treat like an elite, either you are a high net worth individual or an elderly who just needs to pickup a prescription, but has no one to call to. No task is too big or too small.

Let us do everything for you so you don’t have to. .


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California Beverly Hills

Indulge in luxury

The Play area to the rich, the popular and the marvelous.  There you will be delighted to see the hotel where the film Pretty Woman was filmed.  Dine where the movie start dine . . .

Florida Miami

Experience Passionate Latin Club

Miami has everything from trendy low-lit to open-air Latin Bars to high end designer decorated spaces. Miami is knows for turquoise waters, white sand, rum . . .

California Los Angeles

Entertainment capital of the world

Los Angeles, California, the city of “lost souls.” There so many things to see and to do in Los Angeles: the notorious Hollywood sign, the studios: Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, the Walk of Fame

Florida Naples

A world Class Shopping

Naples is a city on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida that is known for world class shopping, feasting and plentiful greens.